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New website

We're pleased to launch our new website! With a fresh look and improved functionality, our goal is to provide a reliable platform for informing and engaging our members.

Here's what you can expect to find on our website:

  1. Stay Updated: Access the latest news and updates from FICE Europe and the wider child welfare community.

  2. Meet the Team: Learn about our current board members and FICE Europe members who are working diligently to support children and youth across Europe.

  3. Key Themes: Explore important topics such as kinship care and the staff shortage in child welfare services, gaining valuable insights into these pressing issues.

  4. Archived Content: Dive into our archive, featuring past projects and initiatives. Currently, we're highlighting "Quality for Children," focusing on efforts to enhance the quality of care for vulnerable children.

We invite you to explore the new and join us in our mission to inform and inspire action in the field of child and youthcare.

Welcome to the updated FICE Europe website!

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