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For Children


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In collaboration with the International Foster Care Organization (IFCO) and SOS Children's Villages International FICE Europe implemented the Quality4Children project. This endeavor brought together a diverse group of over 500 individuals from more than 30 European countries, each contributing their expertise in alternative childcare. Among these contributors were children, youth, their biological families, and caregivers.

The culmination of their efforts resulted in the launch of the Quality4Children Standards at the European Parliament in June 2007, making them accessible in 27 languages.

The primary objective of the Quality4Children project is to disseminate 'best practices' and provide essential tools to improve the living conditions of children and youth in alternative care settings. Moreover, the project is dedicated to upholding the rights of these individuals and ensuring that their best interests are advocated for.

Integral to the development of the Quality4Children Standards were the voices of young people, with several youths actively participating in the project's steering committee. Their input ensured that the standards reflect a strong foundation based on the perspectives and experiences of the youth themselves.

Although the standards were formulated several years ago, they remain a highly valuable document and serve as an excellent foundation for the development of new quality documents.



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